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Royalties from BBC - and a new house




"First royalty check from two kid's TV songs I've got out with the BBC Television.
Am about to buy a new house. We've found a place we love.
Your original ten month course inspired me to make great career moves." 
Paul Kissaun. [UK] 



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Steve has a new BMW





"Dec, I also have to say thank you to you as I have just purchased my first BMW 
Steve Zaborski [USA] 
























stand out from the crowd, be successful in music with help from Dec

"Be Successful In Your Music"


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"The Serious Writer's Guild"

What is it?

A bunch of highly successful music makers and songwriters under the personal direction of Dec Cluskey

  • Your Problem: "I can't seem to write a commercial track that sits in the Top Three?"

Solution: Join The Serious Writer's Guild, learn the craft of writing commercial material and talk to Dec...he'll tell you

  • Your Problem: "I can't get my material to the right people in the record companies?"

Solution: Join The Serious Writer's Guild, study the first program: "How To Make A $Million From Your Music" and learn the Industry Standard way of presenting material so that it is heard - and talk to Dec....he'll tell you how

  • Your Problem: "My lyrics just don't seem to fit in today's commercial Pop world?" 

Solution: Join The Serious Writer's Guild, and realise that there are rules and skills to be to Dec...he'll tell you

  • Your Problem: "I write specifically for Films and TV, plus Radio adverts, how do I get them sold?"

Solution: Join The Serious Writer's Guild and learn that it is the business method that gets your stuff heard and to Dec....he'll tell you.

  • Your Problem: "I want to start my own home studio, but I haven't a clue, plus I have little money?"

Solution: Join The Serious Writer's Guild and learn that it is the skill of using the equipment and not the money you spend that makes the Hits to Dec....he'll tell you.


So How Do I Join?

Simply by purchasing 'How To Make A $Million From Your Music', the award winning 10 month program of two jam packed, exciting, fun to read, books per month.  You get full access to:

  1. Dec's personal telephone on his studio desk.

  2. Full access to Dec by Email, Fax, Letter and in person, by appointment.

  3. Full access to the world-wide Serious Writer's Guild collaboration service.

  4. Access to invitations to mega Music Industry functions, balls  and parties.

  5. Dec's fun way to make $100 the first day you join.


You can pay by credit card, cheque, postal order, cash....Western Union.  Either per month, for ten months or by the discounted full payment method....

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A bunch of the Members at The Savoy Hotel London with Jim Marshall and Dec

The success of members of the Guild is now legendary......

"Remember I mentioned I was thinking about doing a bit of gigging last year? I want to gig just for the fun of it. Well this is my story. I've visited Brighton a couple of times last year catching up with friends. While I was out and about I thought I would apply one of the tips from 'How to Make Million' from your music.
Low and behold I got an Email from
one of the biggest and most famous clubs in Brighton asking me if I can play later on this month! All from applying one technique you teach us in your course - Amazing!!!
Be well, John Seiffer [UK]John gets the best gig



John now earns a six figure income in his second year!

SERIOUS WRITERS GUILD MEMBER HITS NUMBER ONE"Just a quick note to congratulate our 'Serious Writers Guild' Member, Alvaro Rabaquino [second from the left in photo] for hitting the Number ONE spot on the chart in Uruguay, South America and staying there for THREE weeks! 

The band: BungEe
The toon: 'Suerte En Pila'
The Member: Alvaro Rabaquino
Written, Recorded and Produced by Alvaro. "

Heard enough, want to apply now?


By the way:  The cost of the program is fully tax deductible.  You may also be eligible for a grant from your local Council or from the many Charitable Foundations who will give a 'leg up'.


Would you like to play to sell-out crowds worldwide like Dec?

Here at Bournemouth International Centre last year with his brother
- Con and Dec, The Bachelors.

With 18 chart Hits, 2 Number Ones,
gold and platinum albums...

they know what they are doing and Dec
can show YOU how to make your dream come true!

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