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Just a quick note to congratulate our 'Serious Writers Guild' Member, Alvaro Rabaquino for hitting the Number ONE spot on the chart in Uruguay, South America and staying there for THREE weeks! Still there.

The band: BungEe
The toon: 'Suerte En Pila'
The Member: Alvaro Rabaquino
Written, Recorded and Produced by Alvaro. 








































































































































































































































































stand out from the crowd, be successful in music with help from Dec

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Are you an unsigned band looking for songwriting knowledge, song writing information, songwriting tips, songwriting resources? Do you want to make a Hit Record or maybe some good demos? Maybe you are in Indi Music or just writing lyrics. This is the page for information on marketing music, music industry, music making, music making sites, music record sites, music record deals, music making software.

There is also info on A & R, on how to make millions from music, recording studios, record contracts, record making. Dec Cluskey will give you his personal choice of links to The Bachelors, serious performers guild, serious writers guild. If you have the talent he will show you about how to write a hit song, write a hit tune, write a number one.

"Want To Know What Others Think?"

   thanks Dec for making me a success      


success in music - Jason writes score for film Recently I have finished a score for an independent movie called “Treehouse”. I am now composing tracks for various music libraries for licencing and am also discussing publishing the MUNKIE catalogue with various publishers.
I am now working on the third MUNKIE album currently titled “Dark Corners”, having received several unsigned internet awards for tracks on the second “Chemical Process”.
Jason Clark.


This is Yosi & Ofir Nafkar from israel member of The Serious Writer Guild Membership No NET0778030W

We wrote music for an Australian Movie By Kerry Bowden. She is a great woman who helps children in need. The movie and the music had a great success and Together we gathered 1 million $.

So, we already made a million from our music. Now we are working on our music to gain another million –



Hey Dec! Thanks for your time on the phone today!

AMAZING NEWS :-) We did a lot of Demos for a guy here in Germany and now he's signed to a major company! We now produce a third of his upcoming album in a major studio!

Also: I'm going on tour this Summer, sponsored by AOL and it's gonna be 30-40 gigs all over Germany! Check me out: . Also the dance tracks that we are doing are very successful! The act is "SILVERCLUB" check: . Our tracks are released in Germany, Hungary, Russia... Thanks for all your help!

Marcel Brell [Germany]


Hi Dec , some good news regarding my girlfriend Erin's songs, 3 are being used on a new American TV show. Anyway thanks again for your invaluable support, knowing your there makes this leap into the publishing world feel a lot safer ... Roger O'Donnell [The Cure]
  •     Dear Dec!

    It's been a while that I had time to write to you - but things have been busy. Perfect proof that YOUR way to do business is right - we are one of 10 bands selected for the finals in a competition to play "Download" this year, great publicity - "Rock Hard" in Germany love our CD as well and we have our biggest gig in April which will be packed because of the increase in the mailing list.

    Thanks for your continued advice!  Andie Cayne

Dec - you're the man!! It was four years ago that I came across your website - and what a rollercoaster of a ride it's been ever since! Nothing had prepared me for what you had in store! With your advice and continual support you have helped me build a business which is currently going ballistic! I've pulled in £38,000... in the last two weeks alone!! I think it's time I planned another trip down to Eastbourne... can we go back to that yummy pasta joint?
 Thanks for everything... you're a true pal :o)    - Alex H.

SERIOUS WRITERS GUILD MEMBER HITS NUMBER ONE"Congratulations to our 'Serious Writers Guild' Member, Alvaro Rabaquino for hitting the Number ONE spot on the chart.



    bulletRoyalties from BBC - and a new house

    "Awaiting first royalty check from two kid's TV songs I've got out with the BBC Television.

    Am about to buy a new house. We've found a place we love.

    Your original ten month course inspired me to make great career moves."
    Paul Kissaun.

  • Cherry wins BBC Radio comp. You voted for Cherry for the Radio 1xtra Homegrown Cuts show. Click on go to Cherry's track

    Cherry.......... 'Unobtainable (Blue Bass Mix)'
    Ras Kwame's show - Sunday 1900-2100 -

    "She won the vote with the largest number ever! She was interviewed live by Ros Kwame after the result was announced and her details and website will be featured on his site all week. Getting played on daytime Radio 1.

    Thanks again Dec and God bless. Bob Mewis"

  • Ralf is right up there

    "Currently signed as an artist to Perseverance Records, a dance label based in the UK."
    Ralf Gerhart"

  • Photo available soonAnd a different story...success in Speaker Manufacture

    "Just been invited to a party at the Ghost bar Palms Hotel in Vegas.

    From a workaholic production tech to the managing director of 'Nightfire', hob nobbing around the world, written about in international magazines, and with an extensive entry in 'Who's Who' ALL IN JUST 3 YEARS !!!!!!

    Thanks again, Dec, for all your honest help on the way, it was, and still is, invaluable - Ian Warrener"

  • Photo coming soon

    "Hello Dec, Mark here, just got picked up by Clear Channel and are hosting the Django fest here in Detroit on Jan 17th. I will send you a link as soon as I get it.
    Mark Gilder."

  • Record now on release thanks to Dec"'Aubrey Lemmon' releasing first single on Jan 23rd....just watch it. 'What In The World' - Magic Number Records MGNRCD001
    Ray Sinclair"

  • John gets the best gig

    "Remember I mentioned I was thinking about doing a bit of gigging last year? I want to gig just for the fun of it. Well this is my story. I've visited Brighton a couple of times last year catching up with friends. While I was out and about I thought I would apply one of the tips from 'How to Make Million' from your music.
    Low and behold I got an Email from one of the biggest and most famous clubs in Brighton asking me if I can play later on this month! All from applying one technique you teach us in your course - Amazing!!!
    Be well, John Seiffer"

  • Another huge success"Dec I've enjoyed all of your material so far, I had an extremely successful fall semester at school (University of Central Florida) including winning first prize in a big concerto competition. I did win a solo performance with the symphony - now I just have to pick out which concerto play! I am a bit tempted to write my own concerto...
    My first premiere (a woodwind quintet) should come in the next few months! I've been reading every word and will continue to do so...
    Elam Ashman"

  • Steve has a new BMW

    "Dec, I also have to say thank you to you as I have just purchased my first BMW
    Steve Zaborski

  • SERIOUS WRITERS GUILD MEMBER HITS NUMBER ONE"Just a quick note to congratulate our 'Serious Writers Guild' Member, Alvaro Rabaquino for hitting the Number ONE spot on the chart in Uruguay, South America and staying there for THREE weeks! Still there.

    The band: BungEe
    The toon: 'Suerte En Pila'
    The Member: Alvaro Rabaquino
    Written, Recorded and Produced by Alvaro. "

    Heard enough, want to apply now?

    ready to buy?

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    "as secure as when you buy in your local shop"

  • songwriting tips Anthony - took them

    "Good news! Rock-it music publishing (our company name) has just placed 5 songs with "T***** Records" UK. They are a country label.

    We have publishing contracts in place with the writers and they have been informed and are delighted. Your pack has been just perfect.!

    We have informed "T***** Records" we are happy for these songs to go on the debut album for their artist.

    Anthony Raybould [MASTER CLASS NO. MAS045040] [Email]

  • New Release from Mickey Strange"Spikes of the Devil's Heels ....coming soon" [Serious Writers Guild Member Mickey Strange - New York]
  • "(for your "ears" only:) Sold the 14 yrs old hatchback, drive a BMW 5er now (childhood dream)" [name withheld....he's embarrassed with his success!]


  • "Just got a contract for six dance tracks from Singapore....can I run the details past you, Dec?" [****** ******** Productions - member The Serious Writers Guild]


  • "I'm looking forward to getting 'The MASTER Class' very soon. Still so much to learn from the 1st course! Kind regards Sean G Clarke [Member - The Serious Writers Guild -UK]


  • "Coming from nowhere your organization is now a household name in the world. In fact your success story has inspired me a lot." [THEOPHILUS ANKAMAH A- ASHANTI- GHANA]


  • "Nice to see that I can do some catch up work in the archive section of your site. Great idea! PS Have recently started my own Ltd. media company. Partly due to your "How to start your publishing business..." and all the other encouraging words.... THANKS!!!!!" Kindest regards Dean Adams - [Member The Serious Writers Guild Master Class - UK]


  • "Immensely enjoyed the songwriters course, it made a difference to me on so many levels. Thank you. Just started gigging and love every minute of it. Though I wish I'd done it years ago, I know deep down I'd never have handled it as I am now." [Kathy Boocock Serious Writers Guild Member - UK]


  • "What feels so great about doing business with you is that it is personable. I'm not just doing business with a good company. I'm doing business with Dec Cluskey, colleague, friend, mentor, and entertainer!" [JOHN SEIFER Serious Writers Guild Member - UK]


  • "While I'm online, may I give you my personal thanks for all you are doing for me , through the information being sent on a monthly basis (Serious Writers Guild) . I appreciate the honesty in your approach. I value very highly your willingness, as someone who has had a history of success, to dedicate so much time to help others, and to be approachable - oh how we need much more of this in the music industry. Keep doing what you are doing. It is certainly life-changing stuff. I've had my fair share of high points and disappointments within my music making. Your material has provided answer after answer as to why I'm not where I could be in this sophisticated business. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. Best wishes and God bless" [Ken Burton Serious Writers Guild Member - UK]

The Boss does his 4,500 people

The Boss at work - 4,500 audience going wild in Bournemouth

  • "Eventually I got 'Kavana' to sit down and fill out the forms for his PPL royalties like you advised. You made me a lot of money from PPL in the past and now his first cheque was £20,000. Thank you Dec" [Rosemarie - just back from L.A.]


  • Thank you for the program, you know it's good, I know it's good, but I have to thank you for putting so much effort into it's production. If a guy like you at the top is prepared to give so much then that is where I want to be." [Dan Hall - Serious Writers Guild Member]

ready to buy?

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  • " My band 'Glass' has just secured another 3 date support with All About Eve following a successful slot with them on their last tour. We have also been offered paid session work on a bizarre local poet's album - I took the opportunity of offering the resources of my home studio and engineering and production services. I wonder where I got all that from??. To top it all an Australian author and good friend has asked me to create music for a project in Oz which could involve living down under while being well paid to develop the musical side of a fascinating arts project." [Dave Menzies - Serious Writers Guild Member]


  • "My group O2 (like oxygen) won the FONAM contest in September 2002 (the month I got involved in your program)" [Alvaro Fabian Rabaquino - Serious Writers Guild Member - Uruguay]


  • "Where else on the internet/in the world can one undergo such's more or less like going to e-school...I know your programme has changed my life and my music...I guess this puts a smile in your face..and besides this is no is the truth..Dec you are the GREATEST teacher I have ever come across..and I want you to know that I will NEVER let you deserve the credits. Dec," [Balogun - Serious Writers Guild - Nigeria]

The boss tells a gagh to his pals, with Prince Philip

The Boss - Dec - in action!

  • "The Video I did with 'Busted' was on 'Top of the Pops' this week...Wow! They are at Number Two, they could be Number One"

    Thanks Dec....

    John Dartnell [Serious Writers Guild Member]

  • This is our 29th New Country on board: URUGUAY.......Alvaro Fabian Rabaquino - This is when he joined first - then he got to Number One in Uruguay!

    "I actually haven't had a chance to thank you for all the improvements your program is making in my music and most importantly in myself. Words are just no enough. Thanks!"

  • "By the way the course is great and I am now beginning to understand even at this early stage why I haven't made a fortune out of music. I look forward to polishing my Aston Martin in the not too distant future.

    Thanks for your insight,

    Peter Parker. [Serious Writers Guild Member]

    ready to buy

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    "as secure as when you buy in your local shop"

  • "I've just signed a deal with StreetJam Management. Their singer, Charlotte, recorded a song of mine & has signed to BMG. They love the song & want more for her album! I also have a track on the new Bandit MIDEM sampler. And it's not just the music.....I was dancing with the lovely Alesha from Misteeq at the Jazz Cafe last night. Not bad for a 44 year old geezer!

    Thanks a £million Dec.

    Mick Lee. [Serious Writers Guild Member]

    The Boss, Dec, with Chaz Smash from Madness

    The boss, with his pal Chaz Smash from Madness


  • "I know you know you are good, but it doesn't hurt to say that this stuff has been amazing - Thank you" [Dan Hall - Serious Writers Guild Member]
  • " 'Harry Potter 2' is on general release in November and John shoots the new Robbie Williams video for 'Escapology' next!"[John Dartnell's success story continues!]
  • "THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, your course, your Emails, your time on the phone, all your tips and advice. Bless You And thanks now for the opportunity to collaborate with other members, Best Wishes and Kind Regards, to You & Sandie" Zak [Serious Writers guild member]
  • "Recently finished the last installment of "The Serious Writers Guild" and now I realize how little I know about the music INDUSTRY, although I feel I've learned a hell of a lot from the course.."Gary Mounteney [Serious Writers Guild Member no. STR0566030W] [Germany]
  • "Hi Dec I'm only on Grade 1 of your course and am already getting results. I've just signed a publishing agreement for three songs with an American company and another publisher is pitching me a future project.

    Thanks for the practical advice and guidance. And it's a big support to know that members can call and speak to you if they need help. Quite a service!" Anna Foster (Serious Writers Guild Member)

  • "Hi Dec, First of all a big thank you for your advice on my contract with the independent dance label I'm about to sign."Ralf Gerhardt[Serious Writers Guild Member]


  • "This is Yosi Nafkar ---- my brother & me feel very good about the program we have massive progress in our image our attitude & feel more confidence in our success. We are waiting with excitement to the 3 release (we feel we are ready for it)" Yosi Nafkar [Serious Writers Guild Member - Israel]


  • "I'm doing a shoot for GQ magazine this*p money but isn't this everyone's dream? Also - catch the 'Busted' video on MTV...yep! That's me! Should be at Number One in a few weeks."John Dartnell [Serious Writers Guild Member - UK]

Dec with his pals and Prince Philip

The Boss - delivering a gag to his pals, including Prince Philip [left]

  • "I joined very soon after I found you on the Net. I am so glad I found you and I even borrowed the money so I could come along. My old grandma taught me that you have to Speculate To Accumulate and my goodness was she right. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in helping those of us out here who have had no-one to guide us through the maze of the music industry. You are greatly appreciated.

    Just wanted to congratulate you on being awarded the gold plated Marshall Stack in recognition of all your hard work in the music industry.. What a wonderful way to acknowledge your talent and you must be so proud.. A well deserved award - well done." [Sharon Ward - Serious Writers Guild Member Number: NET0766030W ] [UK]

    ready to buy?

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    "as secure as when you buy in your local shop"

  • Tim Sawyer [a Member] sent me this Email:

    "I hear that Boniface is supporting 'Destiny`s Child'- must be very rewarding for you seeing as you prophesied his rise to fame last year."

    You will see the letter from Peter Boniface to me on our Member's Success Stories page - this is what he wrote:

    "In June I presented his songs to major Record companies and they all gave him an offer straight away..

    Today ‘B’ has a £½Million contract with Sony plus a Publishing Contract for another 6 figure sum"Peter Boniface [Member No.: STR0540030W]

  • "I am looking forward to day when I'll pay you a visit in the UK....and I know it's very soon..just to say thank you." [Balogun 'Kay Kay'....Serious Writers Guild...Nigeria]


  • "Take Care Dec for YOU are 'damn' important too Ok?" [Member Bob Daulby]


  • "Anyway Dec, I'm enjoying your 'One minute' With Dec''s fab. I've learned a lot from it. You sure know your stuff.

    I'm being produced by Joel diamond who had 12 Hit Albums with Englebert and recently had 2 Top Ten Hits in the UK with singer called 'Kaci' with the David Cassidy Hit 'I think I Love You'...and a song called 'Paradise'

    By the way, I've just been Number 5 in the Album Charts!" [Rosemarie [Las Vegas]

  • "Joan [Joan Martin] had a great article written about her in 'Sound on Sound' magazine this month.

    We've since had approaches from all over the world from producers and writers (mainly US, Northern Europe & Asia Pacific) who want to work with her.

    And she has just been invited to perform as guest artiste at the Singapore 2003 National New Year Countdown Celebrations. Flying her out, hotel and a fee! You'd be proud! Oh, and she'll be singing live to 100,000 people." Peter Martin [Serious Writers Guild Master Class Member] [ex Singapore]

  • "First of all, Dec, another big Thank You for your advice on my indie dance label contract.

    By the way, I am deeply disappointed by the legal services offered by both BASCA and the Musicians’ Union, as all they do is pass on your contract to a solicitor who is then supposed to call you. After 9 weeks of waiting for the BASCA solicitor’s call I have given up on them. I don’t want to knock BASCA entirely here, but all they seem to be interested in is to crack open the booze and/or go to the pub.

    Again Thank you" [Ralf Gerhart [Serious Writers Guild Member] [UK]

  • "Yeah, man. Life is just dandy-oh thanks to you.

    Just moved last week to Berlin where all the action is. Working for two studios in town. Everyone wants a song from me. My first (get this) POP MUSICAL opens next week in Hamburg. Music all by me. Do I get money every time the show is performed? Of course I do.

    All in all, life is good. I´ll fill you in better when I have time to breathe. Must dash.

    Ta ta and guten Tag " Ian Wood [Serious Writers Guild Member: NET0477030W] [Germany]

  • "Thank you so much for the prompt and detailed response. Words can't describe how good it is to have a contact on the end of the phone willing to take time with us." [Steven Welshe [ARTWILD] (Serious Writers Guild Member)] [UK]

ready to buy?

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  • "Hi. Thank you very much for providing your materials in an accessible format! You are the only provider of such materials that is willing to do this. Once again, thank you very much! " Cameron Strife (Serious Writers Guild Member) [Scotland]


  • "I read about this kind of thing in your Probationer lesson only last night. I will be responsible for the complete soundtrack of a modestly budgeted ENTERTAINMENT project! The soundtrack will be completely original, mostly classical with a couple love songs, some other contemporary and ethnic music. " [Edison Baptisite -Serious Writers Guild Member No. NET0787030W] [Trinidad & Tobago.]


  • "While I'm writing I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the effect that being a member of the Guild has had on me as a musician. Suffice to say that, coupled with the support of a good, good woman, it has been the most inspirational thing that has happened to me in the last 20 years. " Terry Gordon [Serious Writers Guild Member No. NET0732030W] [UK]

                                          Marshall choose Dec's band to perform for his 80th birthday

Jim Marshall choose Dec's band "The Bachelors" 

to celebrate his 80th birthday

  • "Hope you're well - I'm also script doctoring a West End show this weekend and starting a new TV script on Monday for shooting later on in the month! Was there ever a time when we complained about having too little work?" [John Byrne - Serious Performers Guild Member No. STA044099P] [London]


  • "Dear Dec I am just writing to say thank you. I must say sincerely that my whole view to my music has really changed a lot both business and creativity wise. I just cant stop saying thank you - thank you very much. Thank you once more" [Balogun'kaykay'Kolade" member no. NET064330W NIGERIA, Africa.


  • "Our Vicci Esselle recorded a track for the next 'Ministry' album on Thursday. Check her out at the Gloucester Festival for The Queen's Jubilee on Monday 3rd June" [Vicci Esselle - Serious Writers Guild Managing Director]


  • "First of all, thank you very much for the free gift. I downloaded it and found it to be awesome with tons of useful, real-world information that does not mince words. I sincerely believe you are a very remarkable man. Once again, thank you very much." [Mark Powell, Eminence, KY., USA ]


  • "Just to say a big 'thank you' for all your help and encouragement. You are like a breath of fresh air. I am no longer going round in circles - I am calm and hopeful and enjoying every minute of the course. Thank you Dec. Thank you for being prepared to share your wealth of experience with us. Saved by the wise words of Dec contained in my course. Also saved me money - now that can't be bad." [Sharon - Serious Writers Guild Member No. NETO766030W]


  • "Dec, You are one in a million, obviously!" [John Beecher, CEO Rollercoaster Records]

ready to buy?

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  • "I've learned more about pop music in 6 weeks of listening to the charts than I had in the previous 10 years, and I've built up more contacts and a better understanding of how the music industry works than I had regarding the film post-production industry, where I had been working in for the previous 7 years! I've started taking proper piano lessons and studying theory - that I'd put off for years. My hands are playing different notes when I hit the keyboard. I know it's early day yet, but things just feel like they are moving. I'm even finding parking spaces more easily! THANK YOU!! You are an inspiration." [Pete Oldroyd - Serious Writers Guild Member No. NET0770030W]


  • "Thanks again for your time last night Dec. As always I really appreciate it. And hey I must be moving forward as I didn't feel depressed after I came off the phone with you! Either you were being soft on me, or I'm starting to get the hang of things." [John Seifer - Serious Writers Guild Member]

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